What You Should Know About Makeup and Your Skin Health

peel-imgMost women wear makeup every day, but there are still many different myths and misconceptions about how makeup can affect your skin. Generally, makeup should not have a negative impact on your skin, since it is meant to highlight your best features and mask minor blemishes. Choosing the wrong type of makeup or using makeup incorrectly, however, can create problems like breakouts, infections, or uneven complexion. Keep reading to learn more about cosmetics and their effect on your skin. Sleeping with makeup on damages your skin Makeup does not typically cause breakouts or skin irritation unless you have sensitive skin, but when you leave your makeup on all night, it can clog your pores and lead to blemishes. You might also stain your bed linens with makeup that has been left on, so it’s best to use a gentle makeup remover as part of your bedtime routine. Makeup does not always offer sun protection There are concealers and foundations with sun protection built in, though not all makeup is designed to protect skin from the sun. Don’t assume that your skin is protected from the sun just because it is covered. If you do not see an SPF listed on a certain product, it will not offer any adequate UV protection. Expensive cosmetics are not necessarily better If you have sensitive skin or other concerns that limit which products you can use on your skin, you should remember that more expensive products are not always the best solution. The right cosmetics for any skin type exist in all price ranges, so don’t let the price tag be the only factor you consider. Brushes and applicators can harbor bacteria Even if you never share makeup, you will want to regularly clean your brushes or use disposable applicators to limit the harmful bacteria that can grow on these tools. The bacteria that is harbored on poorly cleaned makeup brushes might lead to painful infections of the eyes and skin that may cause lasting damage without the right care. To ensure that you are following the best skin care routine for your lifestyle, schedule a consultation with Specialists in Dermatology at (520) 382-3330. Our 3 Tucson-area offices provide comprehensive care in clinical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology with a welcoming environment boasting spa-like comfort.