What Can Botox Do for Your Skin?

Botox is among the most popular anti-aging cosmetic skin treatments, because it can provide dramatic results without a single surgical incision. Botox is an injectable solution that helps to relax the specific facial muscles that create folds in the skin that cause fine lines and wrinkles. While the results from Botox are temporary, continued use can help greatly diminish the appearance of wrinkles over time. Below you can get a closer look at the distinctive benefits that Botox may have for your skin if you are concerned about the common signs of aging. Reduce brow lines and wrinkles If brow lines and forehead wrinkles are aging your face, Botox can help by relaxing muscles in these areas to smooth out the skin. Botox is typically only recommended for wrinkles on the upper part of the face, as those around the mouth and nose tend to respond better to dermal fillers that will not affect muscle movement. Soften facial expressions When you seek Botox treatment with an experienced cosmetic dermatologist, you can expect beautiful, natural-looking results. After treatment with Botox, you may have softer facial expressions that will create a more youthful look overall. Because Botox can also produce a rigid, expressionless look, however, it is important to seek care from a physician with expertise in Botox injections. Create a youthful appearance Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable signs of aging, especially the deep lines that may form along the brow and forehead. Following Botox treatment, these signs will be far less prominent, allowing you to maintain a refreshed, relaxed appearance. To see if Botox is the right choice for you, call Specialists in Dermatology at (520) 382-3330 and schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dermatologists. Our Tucson-area offices provide a complete spectrum of skincare services from clinical and surgical dermatology to cosmetic skincare for the face and body.