What Can Be Done to Treat Facial Redness?

Facial redness can be caused by several different skin conditions such as rosacea, adult acne, or sun damage. In any case, redness can be a nuisance that keeps you from looking your best and feeling your most confident. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can reduce facial redness and provide your skin with a healthy glow and even tone. Keep reading for a closer look at how you might address facial redness in your skincare routine. Specialized skincare products You may need to see your dermatologist for everyday skincare products to relieve redness rather than using drug store brands that may not be right for sensitive skin. There are many professional skincare lines such as SkinCeuticals and PCA that make cleansers and soothing gels specifically for red skin. Special green-tinted makeup is also an option to neutralize redness with your daily skin routine. Topical Steroids Prescription skincare solutions are also an option for facial redness. Topical steroids can be helpful in relieving redness caused by dermatitis or other allergic reactions. If acne is behind your skin redness, your doctor might recommend antibiotics or hormonal birth control to help your complexion. V-beam Vascular Laser When you want a more advanced solution for redness that may also address lesions and dark spots, the V-beam Vascular Laser can safely improve your skin in just 2-3 treatments. This technology targets damaged blood vessels that cause redness while leaving other structures in the skin untouched. With a Dynamic Cooling Device integrated into treatment, there is no pain medication required for this treatment. With Specialists in Dermatology, you can explore all of your options for treating facial redness under the care of a diverse team of dermatologists providing clinical, cosmetic, and surgical care. You can schedule your first consultation with us on our website or by calling us at (520) 382-3330.