What Are the Downsides of Waxing and Shaving?

Waxing and shaving are two of the most common methods of hair removal. Although these methods are common, they have many downsides that include their cost in terms of money and time. Your dermatologist’s office has a better solution—laser hair removal allows you to enjoy long-lasting results with absolutely no effort at all. Cost Waxing and shaving both have significant associated costs over the long term. Although the price of a single waxing service or packet of razors may seem small, it’s important to consider how often you must spend money on these services and products. Over time, the need to continually book new waxing appointments and purchase new shaving supplies can add up to significant financial cost. Even though laser hair removal may require a larger upfront payment, you’ll ultimately save money over the long term because of this solution’s much longer-lasting results. Time The time commitment required for waxing and shaving is small over the short term, but large over the long term. To maintain your results, you may need to shave every other day or even every day. Waxing should be redone every three to four weeks to prevent significant hair regrowth. When you consider this how often you must spend time waxing or shaving, the total time spent each year can add up quickly. Discomfort Both shaving and waxing can be associated with skin irritation and discomfort, as well as an increased risk of skin infections. These hair removal solutions can leave your skin itchy, dry, or painful; razors can also cause numerous small cuts if care is not taken. While laser hair removal can cause minor discomfort during treatment, there is no consistent or long-lasting pain and irritation associated with this more beneficial solution. Are you interested in laser hair removal in Tucson? Please call Specialists in Dermatology today at (520) 382-3330 for more information about our cosmetic dermatology services, including laser hair removal, dermal fillers, and tissue tightening. We also invite you to check out our blog for the latest dermatology news.