Reducing Cellulite with VASERsmooth

Your dermatologist offers a variety of services that can target your trouble zones and help you look and feel your best. If cellulite makes you feel uncomfortable, VASERsmooth can help. Keep reading to find out how. It Gets to the Root of the Problem Septae is a small part of the membrane that stands between cavities of fat tissue. Cellulite develops when this septae pushes fat cells against the skin and causes an unattractive bubbling. People of any size can suffer from cellulite. VASERsmooth is effective because it focuses on the septae that is causing the cellulite while breaking apart fatty tissue to reduce the appearance of this unusual skin. The procedure does not affect the nerves and blood vessels. It Provides Immediate Results People who choose to get the VASERsmooth procedure notice results after their first treatment. With very little downtime, they can reduce the appearance of these unattractive skin pockets. If cellulite makes you feel uncomfortable about your appearance, VASERsmooth can give you the quick results you need to start feeling better about the way you look. You should start to see complete results about three months after the procedure. It Helps You Get Permanent Results The results that you enjoy from your VASERsmooth treatment can last a lifetime. Since this procedure targets the fat cells and not just the skin, you can say goodbye to those areas of cellulite for good. Talk to your dermatologist about VASERsmooth to find out if it is a good solution for your cellulite issues. There is no need to settle for skin you do not want when VASERsmooth can help you get rid of your cellulite. Whether you have cellulite or wrinkles, the doctors at Specialists in Dermatology can help you find solutions for your trouble zones. Since 1998, we have served as the leading dermatological practice in Tucson. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (520) 382-3330.