Quick Skincare for Women on the Go

Women these days are busy and hard working.  How hard working?  Well in the 90’s women made up 47% of the workforce in the US.  Flash forward to 2011, women now make up 60% of the work force, and that number has been climbing.  So as schedules get busier, we ladies have to find ways to still look great on the go.  A huge factor in looking great is our skin.  So how do you take great care of your skin with a busy schedule?  We have a few tips for you.  If you do not have a lot of time to invest taking care of your skin, stick your basics.  Face wash, toner, moisturizer, and sun screen.  We have provided a quick and easy skin care regimen using just these essential products that will keep your skin healthy without requiring a lot of work. For face wash, don’t use anything too harsh!  A lot of people get something with too many ingredients in it that actually irritates the skin.  You want something that will clean deep but be gentle.  Now for someone on the go, a great tool is the Clarisonic Mia. It is made to be travel size, it cleans out your pores more thoroughly than any standard washing will, and it times how long you should spend exfoliating each section of your face.  It is quick, simple, and thorough. Toners are important, but commonly skipped over.  The reason a toner is so important is that when we use different products to keep our skin clear and radiant that can start drying out your skin, or simply messing with your skin’s natural pH.  Ideally, your skin should have a pH balance (which is essentially the mount of oils in your skin) of 5.5 and a toner will help you keep it there.  Not too dry, not too oily.  No one wants oily skin, but dry skin will just lead to wrinkles and other problems later on.  A great toner product is offered through the Obagi product line.  Dab some toner on a cotton ball, and then wipe it all over your face after washing.  Not only will it enhance the appearance of your skin but it will help any other products you use be more effective.  It is a very short and easy part of your skin care regimen. Follow up with a moisturizer.  Moisturizing is extremely important.  It will keep your skin wrinkle free and younger looking for a much longer time.  Skin care specialists can help you choose a moisturizer that is best for your specific skin type.  There is not a real “one size fits all” moisturizer, but many people just pick a basic one not caring about what is best for their exact skin type.  A quick tip is make sure you get something with ceramides and hyaluronic acid for a good controlled release of moisture so your skin stays moisturized throughout the day. Consider sunscreen your best friend.  It will keep UVB and UVA rays from harming your skin and that is so important.  Those sun rays will cause sun spots, wrinkles, and of course create damage that can eventually lead to skin cancer if you are not careful.  Many times we forget how much sun exposure our skin actually gets.  Every time you walk to your car, even when you are driving, the sun is damaging your skin.  A broad spectrum sunscreen is essential for any good skin care, but most sunscreen sold in general stores are not actually broad spectrum so they’re not giving your skin the full protection it needs.  Get something with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in it to ensure you are preventing long term damage.  One of the greatest things about a good sunscreen these days is that you can find them with a universal tint in them which gives you some quick coverage if you need to rush out the door without really taking the time to apply a foundation.  Find sunscreens too oily for your skin type?  You can buy great sunscreens for your face in powder form that still give you strong protection.  There are so many amazing sunscreens on the market that there is just no excuse not to be wearing one daily. A few wrap up tips to keep in mind are that you can always consult a skin care specialist who will help you determine your exact skin type, and pick out customized products just for you.  Don’t let the sea of available products overwhelm you, professionals in the field are a great resource.  If consulting with a skin care specialist is not an option for you, try to pick a skin care line that works well for you.  Usually the products are formulated to work well together so you get optimal results. That is it!  You can add products to this lineup, such as a B5 gel or a Vitamin C Serum to really take your skin care to the next level, but these are your essentials:  Cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect.  It is a quick and simple skin care regimen that will keep your skin looking great even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.