When Should You Have a Mole Checked?

Every person is unique and different, and has distinguishing characteristics that make him or her an individual. You may not realize it, but your skin is part of what makes you so unique. Freckles, moles, and other marks on your skin are a part of who you are, but these features are not always a good thing. Moles can be completely harmless, but there are other times when they should be checked by a dermatologist. Keep reading to learn when you should have a mole checked by a dermatology professional. Asymmetry Moles can develop in many different sizes and shapes, but most moles that people are born with are relatively symmetrical. Changes in moles or new moles that are asymmetrical could be an indication of melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer. Keep an eye on the moles you have, and perform regular self-inspections to look for any new moles that have developed. If you see a mole that is not symmetrical, it’s a good idea to get a dermatologist’s opinion. Borders Harmless moles are typically well-defined, with a clear border between the mole itself and surrounding skin. A melanoma in its early stages can have an irregular border with ragged or notched edges, and it may blend into the skin around it. Color Moles tend to range in color from brownish to reddish. Some are darker than others, and it’s normal to have moles of different colors on your skin. However, any changes in the color of a mole should be a cause for suspicion. You should also keep an eye out for white, gray, and blue showing up in a mole. Diameter Just as moles can range in color, they can also range in size. Whether you have a large mole or a small mole, it’s important to know how big they are so you can notice if they grow larger. Melanomas can be small, but some can be wider than six millimeters. Call Clear Skin Doctors of Tucson at (520) 618-0232 for a skin examination with one of our experienced dermatologists. Be sure to mention if you have noticed any changes in your skin or abnormalities in moles. We are dedicated to serving you with integrity and compassion.