Latisse FAQs

Having insufficient lashes either in terms of lash length or thickness can be problematic for both aesthetic reasons and the health of your eyes, since the eyelashes are meant to keep irritants like dust and dirt out of the eyes. If you are struggling with eye irritation or cosmetic concerns related to a lack of healthy lashes, Latisse may be the right solution for you. Latisse is a topical solution that is applied to the upper eyelids to improve the length, thickness, and fullness of the eyelashes. This article will take a look at the answers to some FAQs about Latisse to help you have a conversation with your dermatologist about this treatment option. How effective is Latisse? Latisse has a high success rate for most patients, though it can take some time to see new lash growth. Full growth typically takes place after about 16 weeks, though you might see slightly longer lashes after just four weeks. In clinical studies, patients using Latisse saw an average of 25% more lash length and a 106% increase in lash thickness and fullness. Why is Latisse favorable over OTC solutions? Latisse is only available by prescription, and it is the only FDA-approved product to help grow longer lashes. While there are products sold over the counter claiming that they can encourage lash growth, these do not have the guaranteed safety and efficacy of Latisse. Are there any side effects from Latisse? As with any prescription medication, there may be some side effects with Latisse. The most common side effects are itching and redness of the eyes, and this occurs in about 4% of patients. More severe side effects are very rare, as most patients will tolerate the medication well. If you think that Latisse may be right for you, call Specialists in Dermatology to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians. You can reach us at (520) 618-0232 to explore our clinical and cosmetic dermatology services in Tucson.