Knowing How Psoriasis Symptoms Can Change with the Seasons

467198181If you are living with psoriasis, there are many factors that can affect the severity of your symptoms. One factor that can significantly influence psoriasis flare-ups is the weather outside, which is why you may notice that your symptoms subside during certain parts of the year. Below you can see exactly how psoriasis might change with each season so that you are able to get the right care for your skin. Summer can bring psoriasis relief Living in the warm climate of Tucson may be better for your psoriasis symptoms, since hot, sunny weather is typically less irritating than the cold. When symptoms do flare up in the summertime, you might find some relief by getting some sun, which can limit the severity of outbreaks. You will still want to protect unaffected skin with sunscreen or clothing, but sunbathing is generally recommended to ease psoriasis lesions. Dry heat may pose complications While warmth is typically more therapeutic for psoriasis sufferers, the dry desert heat can be a source of irritation. You can curb the effects of dry weather with the right moisturizer, which should be used just after a shower or bath. Bathing in warm rather than hot water is also favorable for minimizing dryness and flare-ups. Winter weather might lead to flare-ups Even in the milder winters of southern Arizona, you might experience more problems with psoriasis when summer is over. To address the changing needs of your skin in every season, you’ll want to work with a dermatologist who can offer tips on controlling your psoriasis. Specialists in Dermatology can help you take charge of your skincare with an in-house pathology laboratory, cosmetic skincare services, and a full service skincare department in three offices throughout the Tucson area. To book an appointment with us, call (520) 382-3330 to reach our Central Office.