Are You a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Do you feel like your facial skin is making you look older than you actually are? If you are unhappy with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars on your skin, consider asking your cosmetic dermatologist if a chemical peel might be right for you. A chemical peel can improve the appearance of your skin, leaving you with smoother, less wrinkled skin by the end of the treatment cycle. Chemical peels may not be for everyone, so it’s important to understand whether you are a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure. Skin Tone Chemical peels can be mild, medium, or deep, which refers to how many layers of skin will be affected by the treatment. Mild peels are typically suitable for the widest variety of skin types and tones, and can leave you with a brighter look. Since only the topmost layers of skin are removed (or peeled away) with a mild chemical peel, it may take a few treatments for you to achieve your desired results. Medium peels tend to provide the best results for people with darker skin tones, and can reduce minor wrinkles better than mild peels. Deep peels can create dramatic results, but because they remove more layers of skin, those with olive or darker skin might see lines between treated and untreated areas. Skin Condition If you have a history of facial scarring, recurrent cold sores, or facial X-rays, you should let your dermatologist know before undergoing a chemical peel. People who are on certain medications may need to stop taking them in favor of other medications in order to prepare the skin for a chemical peel. Before you have a chemical peel, you should understand what it may and may not help. Deep wrinkles, saggy skin, and bulging areas do not tend to respond to chemical peels, and a different cosmetic procedure may be indicated in these cases. Improve the look of your skin and the way you feel about your appearance by calling Specialists in Dermatology at (520) 382-3330. Our Tucson dermatologists treat a wide variety of medical and cosmetic skin conditions. A more youthful appearance is just a phone call away.