Finding Relief from Dry Skin

If you suffer from itchy, flaky, and irritated dry skin, you may benefit from some changes to your skincare routine that can replenish moisture and protect your skin from damage. This article will offer a look at some of the best strategies for relieving the irritation of dry skin in the Tucson heat. Avoid hot showers A hot shower can be relaxing in the moment, but it might dry out your skin by stripping away the natural oil barrier on the surface of the skin. Warm showers will be more favorable, and it is best to pat your skin dry rather than wipe the skin dry with a towel. When you wash your skin, use a soap-free cleanser that is free of fragrance and antibacterial additives. Moisturize after bathing Just after you get out of the shower and pat your skin dry with a clean cotton towel, apply a thick moisturizer all over the body to trap in moisture against the skin. Moisturizers containing shea butter, ceramides, glycerin, or stearic acid will be best for your skin, since these ingredients can restore the natural protective barrier on your skin. You should steer clear of any skincare product containing alcohol and other astringents that will zap moisture from the skin cells. Protect your skin from sun Anyone who has ever suffered from a bad sunburn knows that UV exposure can significantly dry out the skin. Protecting your skin with sunscreen and the right clothing can minimize UV damage, which will help you maintain soft, supple skin for life. In the Tucson sun, you should wear sunscreen every day with broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 or higher. For cosmetic and clinical skincare services in Tucson and Green Valley, schedule a consultation with Specialists in Dermatology by calling (520) 382-3330. We have been serving Southern Arizona for nearly 20 years, providing a higher level of dermatologic care from board-certified physicians.